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Meet Spirit

Spirit is the new purpose-built Super Touring car under development at 7s Only. Designed to be fast and reliabile, the Spirit will weigh only 1801 lbs. with driver and deliver up to 290 horsepower to the wheels. The engine sits mid-car resulting in an almost perfect front to rear weight balance and an eyebrow splitter and carbon fiber rear diffuser will effectively channel air to improve performance.

The chassis is constructed of square steel tubing with an integral 1.5 x .095 DOM roll cage. It features dual arm suspension and multi-link independent suspension in the rear. The braking system features sculpted Brakeman rotors and two piston calipers. The car comes standard with a Jerico 4-speed dog box transmission.

The car is available with a choice of a Mazda 13B peripheral port or a Mazda 2.5 litre engine. A newly styled two-piece body in either fiberglass or carbon fiber completes the package.

Spirit will be sold ready-to-race. Add graphics and a transponder and you're ready to go!

Check back for details on availability or call us with questions! Base price is $75,000.

18218 Cal Club Road, Buttonwillow CA 93206, voice: 661.342.0492, email: tdragoun@sevensonly.com
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